Frequently Asked Questions

Cobb Outpatient Detox works with patients age 18 and up

You may bring a written list of your current medications or a better yet pictures of the labels on the bottles.

Yes, you may use your phone in the lounge area.

Yes, you will need to show proper certification for the animal upon arrival.

Transportation can be arranged with the Admissions Coordinator.

We will do a thorough medical evaluation of you during the admissions phase to determine the substances in your body and how you may start detox treatment safely. You will sign documentation about family members and emergency contacts.

Yes, if possible we suggest a trusted and reliable family member to accompany you for support and motivation during your initial intake process.

We place the highest value on your privacy. We maintain the privacy of your personal data and conduct our business in line with federal law and regulations. Unless you give us your written approval, we will not let anyone know that you are visiting our facility or that you are receiving treatment for a substance use issue. When you are admitted, a printout of our confidentiality policy will be sent to you.

We tailor your treatment to your unique needs as determined by your medical evaluation and the kinds of substances you need to detox from. Our medical staff is skilled at timing medications to prevent negative side effects. We also take into account your comfort.

We accept most major insurance policies. We will collect your insurance information and verify it with your plan as soon as you get in touch with us.

Yes, you can be treated without an insurance policy. We can discuss suitable self-payment options during the admission phase.

As you work toward long-term sobriety, our objective is to stabilize you through detox and make you well enough to participate in the ongoing treatment plan that best suits your needs. We will assist you in getting in touch with a suitable aftercare provider upon discharge.

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We Accept All Major Insurance