Staying Sober After Detox: Taking Your Next Steps in Recovery

Addiction recovery isn’t a final destination–it’s a journey. People in recovery from drug and alcohol addiction may move through stages of recovery, beginning with detox. Detox is a great first step, but it’s important to keep going. Staying sober after detox doesn’t just happen. You need to make lifestyle changes, find support, and take other […]

Embracing a Holistic Approach

Substance use disorders take a huge toll on the body and the mind of an individual. However, detox is meant to help an individual recover and improve their social, physical, and mental well-being. Supplementing traditional treatment methods with a holistic approach can be very beneficial and healing for an individual on their addiction recovery journey. […]

The Crucial Link Between Nutrition and Addiction Recovery

Substances take a large toll on the function and health of both the body and mind. Substance abuse inhibits the body from absorbing and processing nutrients, which in turn leads to malnutrition. Additionally, substance use disorders have been researched and found to be linked to all the following: liver disease, cardiovascular disease, lowered immune function, […]

The Importance of Peer Support in Recovery

Peer relationships are vital for an individual in recovery. It does not necessarily replace the need for formal detox or clinical guidance, but the support and perspective of peers are unique and different from that of professionals. What exactly is peer support? Peer support is a program where peer leaders who have often gone through […]

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