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Addiction is a complex condition affecting millions of people in the United States annually. People with drug and alcohol addiction require comprehensive, compassionate treatment that helps them address the physical, behavioral, and emotional roots of their substance abuse.

For many people, the first step of recovery is receiving care in a medically supported detox facility. In a Georgia detox center, medical and emotional support specialists provide high-quality holistic care for people undergoing detox.

If you or someone you love require the support of a drug and alcohol detox near Atlanta, reach out to the specialists at Cobb Behavioral Health. Our intake team can answer questions about finding medical detox near you and help you take the first step of your recovery journey.

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What Happens in a Marietta Drug & Alcohol Detox Center?

First, it’s important to understand the process of drug and alcohol detox. Detoxification is a natural process that allows your body to eliminate toxins, including drugs and alcohol. In a professional drug detox program, patients receive specific types of care that enable them to have a safe and complete detox from drugs and alcohol.

Some of the therapies used in a Georgia detox center include:

  •  Medications to manage the symptoms of withdrawal
  •  Emotional support, including individual and group therapy when appropriate
  •  Yoga, nutrition support, massage, and other holistic treatments to provide comfort and support overall well-being

The ultimate goal of a medical detox is to reduce the risks associated with drug and alcohol withdrawal. A complete and safe withdrawal allows people the best chance to complete the detox process and be ready for further comprehensive treatment.

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Detox and Rehab: Understanding the Difference

Sometimes, people use the terms “detox” and “rehab” interchangeably. However, this is not accurate because these terms describe very different things.

In a detox center, people receive treatment primarily for the physical aspects of drug and alcohol withdrawal that often accompany detox. In rehab–also known as a substance abuse treatment program– people receive care for all aspects of substance abuse, including the complex behavioral and emotional roots that contributed to the person developing addiction in the first place.

While detox is an essential aspect of recovery from addiction, it is not the end of a person’s rehabilitation or recovery.  To complete recovery, people need to continue participating in substance abuse treatment after completing a program at a Georgia detox center.

Common Side Effects of Drug and Alcohol Detox

After a prolonged period of heavy or regular use, a person may develop physical dependence on drugs or alcohol. This means that their body has become accustomed to the presence of a substance in its systems, and the person will not be able to function without using drugs or alcohol.

If someone with physical dependence on drugs or alcohol suddenly stops using them, they are likely to experience a range of emotional and physical withdrawal symptoms. A person’s withdrawal symptoms will depend on what type of substance they used, how long they used it, and how they used it.

Some common symptoms of drug and alcohol withdrawal include:

  •  Mood swings
  •  Anxiety
  •  Depression
  •  Agitation or erratic behaviors
  •  Muscle aches
  •  Headache
  •  Nausea
  •  Vomiting
  •  Diarrhea
  •  Tremors
  •  Intense cravings for drugs or alcohol

While many withdrawal symptoms are not life-threatening or even hazardous, they can make people so uncomfortable that they risk relapsing before they have the opportunity for a complete detox. A drug and alcohol detox in the Atlanta area can provide the support and care people need to begin their recovery journey. Receiving care in a medical detox center also allows people to distance themselves from their triggers when their sobriety is most fragile.

The treatment people receive in a medical detox in Marietta allows them the best chance at achieving sobriety and preparing for treatment, allowing them to maintain it for the rest of their lives.

How to Choose the Right Georgia Addiction Treatment

In a Georgia addiction treatment center, you will do the work to identify the complex physical, emotional, and behavioral roots of your substance use and learn the skills you need to avoid relapse for the rest of your life. Finding the right drug and alcohol rehab in Georgia is essential to your long-term success.

However, finding the right treatment program can seem overwhelming. There are many facilities, levels of care, and types of treatment programs to choose from. Finding a facility that accepts your insurance is also an essential piece of the puzzle.

There are some simple steps you can take to help you find a high-quality Georgia addiction treatment center that can offer you the care and support you need to recover.

First, look for the following characteristics of a quality recovery program:

  • The program or facility is accredited
  • All staff members are trained and licensed to provide addiction treatment services
  • The staff-to-patient ratio is legal
  • The facility offers a safe, serene environment
  • The facility has strict admission criteria
  • The majority of your time in treatment will be spent engaging in evidence-based therapies

If you can, tour a facility before committing to receiving treatment there. Ask any questions you have and request a daily schedule. Look for a clean, well-maintained facility and a highly structured environment that ensures the safety and security of all people in their care. Finding the best Georgia addiction treatment program for your unique needs will ensure you get the care you need to overcome addiction and move forward into a healthier future.

Finding a Detox Center Near Atlanta

Addiction treatment is not a one-size-fits-all process, and many types of treatments are available to meet people’s different needs. It’s crucial to find a drug and alcohol detox in the Atlanta area that can best meet your needs and provide high-quality, effective care.

Some signs of a high-quality medical detox center include:

  •  A clean, calm environment
  •  A clear, individualized treatment plan that uses primarily evidence-based Therapies
  •  All staff are trained and licensed appropriately
  •  The drug and alcohol detox center is licensed to provide detox services
  •  The facility offers multiple levels of care to allow patients to transition into rehab after completing detox with minimal disruption to their care

If you can, tour the Georgia detox center before committing to receiving treatment there. Ask any questions you may have, including what a typical day in treatment will be like, what items to bring from home, and how you will be supported after leaving the detox program.

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